Report Release Brings Families to the Table

Probation and ACS Commissioners attend the New York release of the National Families Report.  Family testimonies prompt Schiraldi to convene Parent Advisory Board to meet monthly with Probation leadership.


National Families Report

J4F Report image

On September 10th, Justice 4 Families, in partnership with CCFY and 12 nonprofit organizations across the nation released Families Unlocking Futures: Solutions to the Crisis in Juvenile Justice.  This publication represents the first family-centric evaluation of juvenile justice policies and practices.  Its authors offer a Family Bill of Rights as well as advocacy recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders.  The report’s platform is based on data gathered through surveys and focus groups with parents of court-involved young people across the country.  CCFY collected over 100 surveys from Bronx families and organized focus groups allowing parents to tell their stories.

Link to Full Report: families-unlocking-futures-summary

Parents Advising Probation
Commissioner Schiraldi responds to the testimony of CCFY’s Ruben Austria and Jeannette Bocanegra.

Among panelists at the September 12th release of the National Families Report was Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi of the New York City Department of Probation.  When asked to respond to the presentations given by Justice 4 Families and Community Connections for Youth panelists, Schiraldi thanked parents for sharing their stories.  Instead of defending the system policies that contributed to these families’ hardships, he extended an opportunity for collaboration.  Schiraldi promised to meet monthly with a group of parents impacted by the juvenile justice system including our Family and Community Organizer Jeannette Bocanegra and others from CCFY’s parent support group.