Change from Within

Ruben 4CCFY Executive Director Ruben Austria’s been named a member of NYPD’s 40th Precinct Community Council and elected to its Executive Board.

Though Ruben has been an outspoken critic of law enforcement practices that over-criminalize young people, he looks forward to working to achieve peaceful collaboration between community members and police officers.

As a resident of Mott Haven, Ruben has a stake in the public safety of the neighborhood; however, he believes that this security need not come at the expense of positive outcomes for local youth.  To reverse citywide trends that apply legal sanctions to young people acting like normal teenagers, Ruben will emphasize initiatives that reduce tension and promote positive relationships between youth and the police.

Additionally, Ruben will help the 40th Precinct build relationships with grassroots faith and community organizations that can positively engage young people frequently coming into contact with the police.  Ruben believes that if the police can learn to partner with community members to develop smart approaches to delinquent behavior, the 40th precinct will be a safer place for all.