YAP declares SBCC a “Bright Spot”

Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., a national nonprofit that provides community-based services for court-involved youth, recently released “Safely Home”, a report that argues:

  1. A lack of effective alternatives for high-need youth contributes to youth incarceration.
  2. Virtually anything that can be done in an institution can be done better in the community.
  3. Systems can redirect institutional dollars toward less expensive community programs.
  4. Communities can’t climb out of poverty, neighborhood violence, and other risk factors through incarceration, especially
    of their youth.
  5. Community-based programs that provide the right amount of intensity can provide safe and effective alternatives to
    youth incarceration and residential placement.

The report also mentions CCFY’s South Bronx Community Connections program as a “Bright Spot” among programs from across the country.

Read “Safely Home” on the YAP website.

Download  “Safely Home” as a PDF.