Arthur Markland

Parent Peer Coach

Arthur Markland is Parent Peer Coach at CCFY. Arthur is a native of the Bronx and experienced first hand what it is like to have to advocate for fair treatment and special services for families. From 1991 – 2006, Arthur was blessed with a daughter with Down Syndrome. She needed special services from medical and educational systems and both systems were not willing to authorize the needed care. Through determination and educating himself on his rights, he was able to get the help his daughter needed. She eventually succumbed to her disease in 2006.

It wasn’t until 2012 that he was given an opportunity to work with the Youth Advocacy Project (YAP) as a Family and Youth Advocate. This led to being offered a position as a Parent Peer Coach in 2014 when CCFY launched the Parent Peer Support Program. Arthur now works part-time for both YAP and CCFY.