Beatrice Richardson

Parent Peer Coach

Ms. Beatrice Richardson is one of CCFY’s Parent Peer coaches. Born and raised in the South Bronx, she comes from a family of 9 and is a proud mother of four loving children. Her parents always said, “She was born loving and helpful”. She loves her community, and if she can help she will. Beatrice has been volunteering in her community since she was a youth.  Whether it was working with her mom and godmother at the voting poles, protesting for community causes, accompanying her father while he reconstructed a friend’s home, or bringing groceries to a neighbor, Beatrice always knew that helping was a part of who she was.

Volunteer work was an integral part of Beatrice’s family growing up.  As a youth she volunteered at Morrisania Air Rights Community Center, which led to a summer position for several years. She also volunteered at her sons school Sharon Baptist Headstart, which also became a paid position as the Art Committee Designer. Beatrice has worked for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and the department of Education since 1998 giving Beatrice a wonderful opportunity to serve the community.

Beatrice enjoys the outdoors.  She loves to learn new things and enjoys building things. Beatrice likes to draw, sketch and paint.  She does face painting at parties and paints homes as a side job.  Her dream was to become a carpenter/construction worker many moons ago, so she enjoys helping her partner on his construction jobs from time to time.