Crystalie Romero

Mentor/PAR Lead Researcher

Crystalie Romero is a graduate of Community Connections for Youth’s South Bronx Community Connections (SBCC) program. While enrolled in SBCC, she played a leading role in the Youth Leadership Academy at the Betances Community Center, educating other young people about the juvenile justice system. After successfully completing the program in July 2012, she took a leadership role with SBCC, serving as a peer mentor and an advocate for youth. Shortly after Crystalie graduated from Jill Chaifetz High School in August of 2013. Currently Crystalie is a mentor for United Playaz of New York (UPofNY), developing curriculum and facilitating weekly leadership groups. Crystalie is also the Lead Researcher on the Girl’s Participatory Action Research Project (PAR) – researching young woman of color from the Bronx that been impacted by the Juvenile Justice system. In her spare time Crystalie loves taking long walks in the park and cooking for her family. Crystalie’s goal in life is to become a motivational speaker, traveling the world and sharing her story, to inspire others to stand up and influence their communities.