Johnathan Bascombe

4As Program Manager

Johnathan Bascombe is CCFY’s 4As Program Manager. Johnathan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age he made some decisions that landed him in places he fights to keep youth out of today. After the tragic loss of his best friend and many others, a desire to do better for himself, and a lengthy jail sentence hanging over his head, Johnathan decided to leave the streets alone and never looked back. Since 2009, Johnathan has dedicated himself to working with at-risk/justice involved youth. He has worked for various agencies such as CASES, (Safe Space Sheltering Arms) and Camba. With those organizations he was able to help youth who resided in all 5 boroughs of New York City with social, emotional and even family issues. Before being awarded the opportunity to work with CCFY, he was the Lead Mentor with Safe Space Sheltering Arms ARCHES Programs in Jamaica and Far Rockaway, Queens. Johnathan has a strong background in professional development, and as a young man himself, once carrying the label of an “at-risk youth”, he brings a unique understanding to working with today’s youth. Johnathan shared, “I knew this was my purpose in life and that I must give back the same knowledge and experience that I was given to help our youth succeed today.”