Karim Chapman

4As Senior Program Manager

Karim Chapman is CCFY’s 4As Senior Program Manager. Karim is a Harlem Native. Before working at CCFY he managed and supervised a team of credible messengers that dealt with at- risk youth around gun violence, mediations, life choices, and hospital and shooting responses.

More recently, as a lead mentor, Karim was a member of a team that identified young men and women living in and around NYCHA that had direct or indirect issues with violence resulting in court involvement or circumstances with law enforcement.

Karim’s passion derives from a place in his childhood when society gave up on him and said that he would never amount to anything. Now, after prison, gang life, loss of family and a lot of hurtful experiences, Karim shares that God has given him a second chance to give back to his community and rebuild what he once destroyed. Karim is changing lives one experience at a time.