San Diego

Developing Community-Based Alternatives for San Diego Youth

The San Diego ATI Collaborative is a partnership between community and system stakeholders in San Diego to develop community-based alternatives to youth incarceration. Convened by CCFY, our collaborative envisions a world in which incarceration is no longer a primary response to children who run afoul of the law. Recognizing that overreliance on the juvenile justice system is harmful, ineffective, and costly, the collaborative aims to reduce reliance on incarceration and build community capacity to serve youth.

The San Diego ATI Collaborative will develop an enhanced arrest diversion program to connect youth diverted from arrest to a supportive community network that will provide long-term support for youth and families. The pilot program will serve youth in Southeast San Diego that come into contact with the police, with a special emphasis on gang-affiliated youth with previous system contact. Youth will participate in the Southeast San Diego Police Department’s 6-week arrest diversion program to avoid having their cases referred to the Juvenile Court. Youth will also be connected to positive youth development activities operated by grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations. Youth will be connected to mentors who are “credible messengers” and their families will be connected to in-home family support.