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CCFY produced this Companion Guide to the Technical Report to summarize the most important findings of the South Bronx Community Connections evaluation for a general audience. The Companion Guide presents both the evidence-based findings from the John Jay evaluation, along with promising developments for which there are not yet sufficient data for inclusion in the technical evaluation. CCFY references the John Jay technical report throughout this Companion Guide. However, the information presented in this document, along with the policy recommendations we put forth, is ours alone.

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SBCC Technical Report

Two years into project implementation, a statistical analysis of SBCC’s available data (see Appendix A) found juvenile project participants to be suggestively, but significantly (p value= 0.09), less likely to be re-arrested within a year of their last offense than was a matched comparison group. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding the question of whether or not SBCC was attractive enough to keep a young adolescent engaged was now answered — affirmatively!