Credible Messenger Institute Accepting Applications!

CMI Flyer

What is the Credible Messenger Institute?

CCFY, through the NYC Department of Probation, is piloting a 6-session Credible Messenger Institute (CMI) for Arches and Next Steps Mentors. This Institute is designed for mentors who desire to be a part of a greater movement of other Credible Messengers who want to invest in themselves. The CMI is for Credible Messengers who are looking to connect to a community that can provide support, coaching and development in both personal and professional aspects. The CMI is accepting a total of 25 applicants who can commit to full completion.

Participants who complete CCFY’s Credible Messenger Institute receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion from CCFY for completing the 6-session Institute

  • Each CMI participant will receive a stipend of $25 per session attended.

  • Metro Cards and lunch will be provided

Who should apply:
  • Are you someone who has gone through a personal transformation? Is this transformation your catalyst for helping young people transform their own lives?

  • Do you want to grow in your role, specifically as a “Credible Messenger Mentor” and feel like you could benefit from some coaching?

  • Do you see yourself in this work for the long-haul?

If you answered, “yes” to these questions, we strongly invite you to apply!

What will be covered:

The initial three sessions of the CMI will cover areas such as self-awareness and self-management. The last three sessions will address social relationships, mainly in the context of mentorship. Mentors will walk away feeling supported, invigorated, along with having a solid grasp of healthy mentoring from “the inside, out”.

Session 1: From the Inside

Playing Like Yourself

This session will explore the role of self-awareness as it relates to one’s strengths and gifts in the world. Particular attention will be paid to how those gifts can have a positive influence in the mentoring relationship, and how strengths can also emerge as shadows in the world when people are under stress.

Session 2: From the Inside

Being Afraid of the Dark: Monsters in the Basement

This session will explore of the impact of past injuries and the consequences of past (in some cases the prison experience) loss and disconnection, and its impact. Participants will look at their own experience of being in their own belly of the beast and how it influences their functioning today.

Session 3: From the Inside

Legal Self-Care: Stop in the Name of the Law

This session will be a practical, interactive experience, as mentors will be introduced to healthy self-care, ways of coping and pausing for restorative moments. Resources and ideas will be provided for healthy self-care options throughout the city.

Session 4: To the Outside

QTIP, Quit Taking It Personal

This session will engage self-management, how a mentor is able to manage his/her feelings when engaging mentees. A specific focus will be placed on responding appropriately to conflict, as well as becoming aware of potential triggers and how to handle “emotional hijack” situations.

Session 5 : To the Outside

The Mentor Code: Maintaining Boundaries & Professionalism

This session will equip mentors with a concrete approach to maintaining healthy boundaries with the mentee; honoring confidentiality in the relationship, while being a consistent, healthy, reliable presence in the life of the mentee.

Session 6: To the Outside

Flipping the Script: I just Wanna Testify!

This  session will be a time to have mentors revisit their own stories about what makes them “in-credible messengers”; how the “hustle” on the street can turn into strength. And how their own prison story (or non prison story) can help mentees frame reality around consequential thinking (both positive and negative), while focusing on change around five areas: personal vision, employment, neighborhood, relationships, and self-awareness.

Crossing Over,

Celebration Ceremony

This is a rite of passage providing an opportunity to model meaningful celebration in a way that can be translated to mentees. This ceremony will identify individual qualities and characteristics in each participant, while connecting it to the larger vision and promise of flourishing in the world


There will be an initial 1-hour orientation for those accepted into the Institute. The CMI Institute will be every Saturday for 6-weeks. Each session will be 3 hours long with lunch provided.

  • Friday, April 29, 6:30pm – 7:30p (Orientation)
  • Saturday, May 7, 10am—1pm
  • Saturday, May 14, 10am—1pm
  • Saturday, May 21, 10am—1pm
  • Saturday, May 28, 10am—1pm
  • Saturday, June 4, 10am—1pm
  • Saturday, June 11, 10am—1pm

Nyack College Manhattan Campus
2 Washington Street
New York, NY 10004

How to Apply

Deadline for completed application: Friday, April 15th, 2016.

How to Apply ONLINE:

Please submit the following materials:

  • CMI APPLICATION & PERSONAL STATEMENT: The online application is available HERE.

  • PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATION FORM: Provide a letter of recommendation from a professional/community/clergy leader that speaks to why you should be considered for this institute. To download the recommendation form click HERE.  You can mail or email the recommendation form as indicated below.

How to Apply using PAPER FORMS:

Please compile and submit the following materials:

  • CMI APPLICATION: To Download the application packet, click HERE.

  • PERSONAL STATEMENT:  Type a personal statement of no more than 150 words explaining your goals as a Credible Messenger Mentor and how this Institute will enable you to attain them.

  • PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATION FORM: Provide a letter of recommendation from a professional/community/clergy leader that speaks to why you should be considered for this institute. To download the recommendation form click HERE.  You can mail or email the recommendation form as indicated below.

Please email forms to:

Jasmine Perez

Or, mail forms to:

Community Connection for Youth
Attn: Jasmine Perez
369 E 149th Street, 7th Floor
Bronx, NY 10455

We will review applications as soon as they are received, so apply fast! Space is limited.


If you have any questions, contact Belinda Ramos, CCFY’s Training Manager by email