The CMI Application must be completed in one sitting. You will need to gather information and prepare answers to questions in advance. To help you prepare, we are listing the questions you need to answer here. Only click the “Application” button when you are ready to submit the entire application.


1. Applicant Information (name, contact information)

2. Organization Information (name, address, phone, and supervisor information)

3. What do you enjoy most about being a Credible Messenger Mentor?

4. What has been most personally challenging to you in this role?

5. Why do you want to participate in the Arches Credible Messenger Institute?

6. Describe the last conflict you were in. How did you handle it?

7. Describe how you would handle a call from a mentee who is in crisis at midnight?

8. What do you believe are your character strengths?

9. What do you need to strengthen your character?

10. What skills do you feel strong in and don’t need any more training on?

11. Name one thing you learned from the “streets” that works well in the workplace?

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

13. Availability to attend each session

14. Personal Statement. What are your goals as a Credible Messenger Mentor and how will this Institute enable you to attain them? (Minimum 50 words.  Maximum 150 words.)

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