On Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Community Connections for Youth (CCFY), and New York City Department of Probation are sponsoring an event named, “Women’s Empowerment Career Building Night.” The event will connect over 100 young women from high-risk, high-crime neighborhoods to professional women who will share their stories and career pathways.

Let’s Get On the Bus

NYACK SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK By: Ellie Yiseul Paik, Nyack Student When I think about children and youth, I see myself. There is a reflection of me because I was once a child and I was once a teenager, full of life, curiosity and purpose. I often hear the exact words that were shared with me, now […]

Cultivating Better Futures for Troubled Bronx Youths

JUVENILE JUSTICE INFORMATION EXCHANGE By: Gary Gately They could have been locked up for offenses ranging from theft to assault to armed robbery. Instead, they planted vegetables at an urban farm, painted a mural to honor a community activist, staged a youth talent show, organized “safe parties” for teens at a local community center – […]

How One Community Saved Its Troubled Youth

THE CRIME REPORT By: Rev. Ruben Austria Op-Ed on The Crime Report What would happen if community stakeholders in U.S. urban neighborhoods plagued by the highest rates of youth crime and incarceration were given the opportunity to intervene early— and often— on behalf of young people caught up in the juvenile justice system? One answer […]

New Study Shows Promising Results in Reducing Youth Re-offending

EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE: 12:01 A.M., October 17, 2014 Contact: Ms. Lydia Sierra (718) 309-7800   John Jay College of Criminal Justice Evaluates Neighborhood-based Bronx Pilot Program for Court-Involved Youth (Bronx, NY) — An independent evaluation of Community Connections for Youth (CCFY), a South Bronx non-profit organization, by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice […]

ARCHES Grad Shares Story of Triumph

Meet Lloyd. Lloyd is a recent graduate of the ARCHES program, an NYC Department of Probation initiative designed to help probation clients get out of the criminal justice system by strengthening their attachment to education, work and community. In the speech below, he shares his trajectory from court involvement to community connections to high school graduation and leadership in his community. Lloyd is one of hundreds of youth whose lives have been transformed by the ARCHES initiative.

So Many Answers That I Need

Guest post by Chantilly Mers-Pickett   Last summer I attended a panel discussion organized by Community Connections for Youth (CCFY). CCFY is an organization in the South Bronx that works really hard to provide alternatives to incarceration for youth. I remembered a grandmother on the panel who spoke about her grandson turning 18 in a detention center. […]

Raising the Age Right in New York

New York is one of only two states left in the nation that automatically charges any youth who has committed any crime as an adult at the age of 16. A growing movement in New York is calling on lawmakers to raise the age of criminal responsibility in New York. Raising the age should be coupled, however, with an additional approach: building community capacity to engage young people whose behavior brings them to the attention of the justice system.