Our Projects

CCFY develops innovative models that demonstrate the effectiveness of a community-driven approach to juvenile justice reform. When developing new program models, CCFY asks the following questions: (1) Is the intervention research-based and data informed?  (2) Does it build community capacity? (3) Does it work in our own neighborhood? (4) Can it be replicated? Here are some of our homegrown pilot interventions.


The 4As (ARCHES Alumni Academy for Advancement) program is a youth leadership initiative for youth, who by virtue of their prior experience with the justice system and their desire to give back to their communities are “credible messengers” for their peers and for younger youth. The 4As initiative features an intensive leadership development curriculum where […]

Parent Peer Support Program

The Parent Peer Support Program is a partnership with the NYC Department of Probation to provide parents of system-involved youth with “peer coaches” to guide them through their child’s involvement in the juvenile justice system. CCFY trains the parents of system-involved youth to serve as  “peer coaches” for parents who are currently navigating the juvenile […]

South Bronx Community Connections

South Bronx Community Connections (SBCC) is the first independently evaluated juvenile justice intervention built entirely on the strengths of local grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations. The initiative, launched with a 3-year $1.1 million grant from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), diverts youth who have been arrested from formal court involvement […]