Speaking Engagements

CCFY staff and participants are regularly requested to speak at conferences, universities, churches and other special events. To request a speaker for your next event, please send a request to trainingta@cc-fy.org.

Rubén Austria

Executive Director

Rev. Rubén Austria is the founding Executive Director of Community Connections for Youth, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations to develop effective community driven alternatives to incarceration for youth. As a 2007 Soros Justice Fellow with the W. Haywood Burns Institute, Rev. Austria advocated for the re-direction of funds from incarceration to community-based alternatives for youth. Seeing the need to equip more grassroots faith and community-based organizations to develop effective alternative-to-incarceration programs, he launched Community Connections for Youth in the fall of 2008.


Jeannette Bocanegra

Director of Family Engagement

Jeannette Bocanegra is CCFY’s Director of Family Engagement. She is a dedicated mother of six and a long time resident of the South Bronx. She joined CCFY in 2010 as the lead researcher for a participatory action research project that mobilized the family members of incarcerated youth to collect data on parent experience with the juvenile justice system.


Lamell Carrington

4As Mentor

Lamell Carrington is a CCFY 4As Mentor. He is a certified change agent with personal perspectives on how to change the youth today. While adapting a restorative justice model, Lamell looks to use the skills and knowledge he possesses to make a beneficial change in the community.


Tyree Hicks

4A's Coordinator

Tyree Hicks is CCFY’s 4A’s Coordinator. He is a credible messenger with personal experiences with the criminal justice system. Tyree is a positive agent of change to his community, who has been involved in youth advocacy and intense mentoring for over four years. In his roles as 4A’s Mentor, Youth Advocate Specialist, Facilitator and Restorative Justice Leader, Tyree is able to foster alternative behaviors more conducive to personal and social success. He has assisted many youth develop skills to become productive members in their communities.


Chelsea Lopez

4As Mentor

Chelsea Lopez is a 4As Mentor. As an alumni of the ARCHES program she learned how to be a mentor to others and how to facilitate groups.She is a credible messenger with experience in the juvenile justice system. She is eager to give back and to help others who have been through similar experiences and to raise awareness of what females go through in the system.