Workshops & Training

CCFY delivers training that facilitates the process of Community Capacity Building for juvenile justice reform.

CCFY’s flagship training is its 3-Day Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Training Institute, a three-day intensive training on community-based alternatives to incarceration for youth aimed at equipping community and system stakeholders to understand the language and design of the juvenile justice system, the logic of community-based alternatives, and best practices in ATI programs.

Additionally, CCFY offers:

  • Community Capacity Building 101: An overview and definition of community capacity building and its core components, which includes partnerships with neighborhood faith and community organizations, parent and family engagement, and youth engagement in a strengths-based framework.
  • Community Engagement 101: An overview of community engagement with a specific focus on engaging grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations as meaningful partners in system reform efforts.  This training highlights examples of successful system-community partnerships, identifies opportunities for new program development built on community strengths, and provides helpful principles for new partnership development between non-traditional stakeholders and government agencies.
  • Family Engagement 101: An overview of strengths-based family engagement, which involved parents and other family members as assets in the juvenile justice reform process.  This training highlights best practices in family engagement as well as examples of successful family-driven policy reform.  This training includes recommendations for engaging family members as not only partners in services and planning for their children, but also as partners in the juvenile justice reform process.
  • Youth Engagement 101: An overview of strengths-based youth engagement, with a special focus on positive youth development and peer leadership.  This training highlights best practices for engaging youth as assets and leaders, and explores youth leadership development and peer mentoring, specifically the practice of having formerly system-involved young adults mentor youth in the juvenile justice system.
  • Parent Peer Coaching: A training to equip parents who have experienced a child’s involvement in the juvenile justice system to serve as “peer coaches” for families who are currently going through the system.
  • Credible Messenger Mentoring: Training for formerly system-involved young adults to serve as mentors for youth in the juvenile justice system, which can be paired with the Interactive Journaling curriculum which provides a foundation in evidence-based approaches to reducing juvenile recidivism.


To inquire about Training & TA Offerings call the Training & TA Department at 347-590-0940 or via email at